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About Us

Leda Australia and New Zealand is the newest product family marketed and distributed by the Epiphyte Corporation Pty Ltd in Australia, New Zealand and other parts of Oceania.

While travelling to Europe on other business, we were invited to the Leda factory in the small Lower Saxon town of Leer, in Northern Germany. We were completely blown away by the quality of the products that they produce and the cleanliness and order of the factory.

The Future

We are starting small! Leda is famous for making incredibly high quality and elegantly designed fire places. They have a wood and gas fired heating products that we aim to import in the near future. These ovens are really cool: they have systems that can be controlled by your phone, and even ones that integrate with your water heating and solar systems. We are really excited about our future plans.


If you are interested in retailing our products, please contact us.